Clearly articulate your inquiry question and connect it to one of the Teacher Ed Core Competencies 

Forming my inquiry around supporting teachers during curriculum changes contains many of the Teacher EducationCore Competencies. For example, I have demonstrated an understanding of the complexity of teaching and learning (Personal and Professional Preparation). This has been shown through dialogue about the struggle of finding time in a busy schedule as a teacher to even be able to educate oneself further. Additionally, I recommended giving teachers designated time to form Communities of Practice (Community Engagement) which encourages collegial collaboration and independent learning. Similarly, I demonstrated an understanding of how learners learn in order to cultivate effective learning environments (Exploring and Enhancing Pedagogy). This was completed through researching the BCTF website and referring to statistics from a 2017 Self-Assessment Survey posted online.

Connect your inquiry to courses, observations, assignments, discussions and reflections

I connected most of my inquiry to research and observations made from the 2017 BCTF Self-Assessment survey. Although, the reason for choosing my topics was formed through discussions with teachers during the Wednesday school visits and self-reflections in the afternoon seminars.

Describe how Wednesday field experiences guided the inquiry process

Wednesday field experiences provided the opportunity to speak with active teachers which are the demographic surrounding my inquiry. I was able to gain a better understanding of some of the challenges that are faced by teachers with the curriculum changes and hear their opinions on the changes, the resources made available to them, and their self-assessed competence levels.

Articulate how your thinking related to your inquiry developed over the term and describe how that has happened 

Initially, at the beginning of the semester, I wasn’t even familiar with the term Inquiry Project. My inquiry started first as a thought about how a teacher in the field would be able to adapt to curriculum reform without formal training such as the PDP program. This led to insightful conversations with educators to hear their thoughts on the matter and how they feel about their own pedagogy. I was under some time constraints for selecting a project and this had been the most in depth topic that I had discovered during my observations so I decided to pursue it further.

Discuss overall learning relating to inquiry AND how this will be relevant to your future teaching or sharing with colleagues

I have learned how to engage in meaningful conversations with future colleagues and participated in professional development spaces. For example, during J blocks I have sat in on two department head meetings which has given me a better understanding of the dynamic between staff members. I better understand how administrators and faculty connect with one another and the challenges that can occur relaying information between the two. I believe that I understand how to collaborate with colleagues in a professional setting and know the appropriate protocol or bringing up concerns to admin.

Consider what you will explore more related to your inquiry

I concede that I need to do more research into what exactly goes on during a Pro-D day to better assess how the time could be managed better or if Communities of Practice is something that could be implemented. I’m uncertain as to how much autonomy the educators have or if the time is mandated by the District or Ministry of Education.



Author: Aaron Larnder


Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash