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Coding For Beginners

Today in EDCI 336 we were given the opportunity to practice our basic coding skills from a variety of beginner coding websites. Rich McCue was our presenter for the day and linked us to his website to learn about the… Continue Reading →

New forms of Accessing learning!

Why do we need to require to have a face-to-face class experience? I think there are several positive outcomes to having a face to face learning experience. It keeps accountability on the students to have a teacher in the room… Continue Reading →

Nike Run App

I have decided to return back to the Nike Run App after much debate with my trial attempt with Strava . I enjoy the interface of the Nike App more and it seems to work better when I stop at… Continue Reading →

Different Forms of Exercise

It has been very challenging this year to stay motivated and go to the gym to lift weights consistently. Lately, I have been using different measures to ensure that I am leading a healthy lifestyle. I have made it my… Continue Reading →


Learning how to play minecraft was a lot of fun in EDCI336. It was a unique experience having middle school aged children facilitate the lesson and provide guidance during the tutorial and free play time. It was quite bizarre but… Continue Reading →

EdCamp at UVic

Experiencing a mini EdCamp tutorial was a great opportunity to learn about a different model of learning design. Everyone was given a sticky note to write about a topic they are knowledgeable in and would like to discuss in more… Continue Reading →

Introduction Video


I have struggled mightily with following through on my workout schedule. After missing workouts it is harder to be motivated the next day to follow through when I know that I won’t achieve the weekly result. The PDP program has… Continue Reading →

Navigating through Social Media

Today’s Guest Speaker was Jesse Miller in EDCI 336. We discussed personal privacy settings for social media and brought attention to several reported cases of teachers breaking their school district policies for communication with Students. I was unaware of how… Continue Reading →


I downloaded Strava at the end of August to track my activity running – and potentially swimming/biking. In previous years I had used the Nike run app and quite liked the interface but was persuaded by friends that Strava was… Continue Reading →

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