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Gallery Walk – Inquiry Assessment

Clearly articulate your inquiry question and connect it to one of the Teacher Ed Core Competencies¬† Forming my inquiry around supporting teachers during curriculum changes contains many of the Teacher EducationCore Competencies. For example, I have demonstrated an understanding of… Continue Reading →

Whose Responsibility Is It?

There is much debate over whether the onus is on teachers to educate themselves or if the District and Ministry need to play a more integral role in the process. From the 2017 BCTF self-assessment survey mentioned in my other… Continue Reading →

Indigenous Resources and Taking the First Steps

Many educators feel that they are not qualified or competent enough to include indigenous perspectives into their classroom. For these educators, I would challenge them to start with small achievable goals to grow on annually. I believe most of the… Continue Reading →

Teachers’ Current Perceptions (2017) of the Curriculum Changes

While researching the perceptions of teachers working in BC, I came across a survey from the BCTF (BC Teacher’s federation). This was an insightful read that I have condensed at your leisure. A few things to consider 2,344 respondents out… Continue Reading →

Coding For Beginners

Today in EDCI 336 we were given the opportunity to practice our basic coding skills from a variety of beginner coding websites. Rich McCue was our presenter for the day and linked us to his website to learn about the… Continue Reading →

New forms of Accessing learning!

Why do we need to require to have a face-to-face class experience? I think there are several positive outcomes to having a face to face learning experience. It keeps accountability on the students to have a teacher in the room… Continue Reading →

Nike Run App

I have decided to return back to the Nike Run App after much debate with my trial attempt with Strava . I enjoy the interface of the Nike App more and it seems to work better when I stop at… Continue Reading →

Different Forms of Exercise

It has been very challenging this year to stay motivated and go to the gym to lift weights consistently. Lately, I have been using different measures to ensure that I am leading a healthy lifestyle. I have made it my… Continue Reading →


Learning how to play minecraft was a lot of fun in EDCI336. It was a unique experience having middle school aged children facilitate the lesson and provide guidance during the tutorial and free play time. It was quite bizarre but… Continue Reading →

EdCamp at UVic

Experiencing a mini EdCamp tutorial was a great opportunity to learn about a different model of learning design. Everyone was given a sticky note to write about a topic they are knowledgeable in and would like to discuss in more… Continue Reading →

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