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I have struggled mightily with following through on my workout schedule. After missing workouts it is harder to be motivated the next day to follow through when I know that I won’t achieve the weekly result. The PDP program has… Continue Reading →

Navigating through Social Media

Today’s Guest Speaker was Jesse Miller in EDCI 336. We discussed personal privacy settings for social media and brought attention to several reported cases of teachers breaking their school district policies for communication with Students. I was unaware of how… Continue Reading →


I downloaded Strava at the end of August to track my activity running – and potentially swimming/biking. In previous years I had used the Nike run app and quite liked the interface but was persuaded by friends that Strava was… Continue Reading →

Week 2 Fitness Journey

This was the first full week where all of my commitments are solidified and I can fully get into my routine. I pushed myself too hard on my Monday 10km run and rested for 2 days. The demands of the… Continue Reading →

Week 1 Fitness Journey

Figuring out my personal inquiry has been a challenging process. Formulating a game plan, branching out to try new experiences and thinking how this will relate to the curriculum all had to be considered. I was determined at the beginning… Continue Reading →

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