Experiencing a mini EdCamp tutorial was a great opportunity to learn about a different model of learning design. Everyone was given a sticky note to write about a topic they are knowledgeable in and would like to discuss in more depth, or a topic in which they have no idea and would like to become more informed. Then every person was given three votes. The top three voted topics were selected as the breakout sessions for the day and the individual was given the autonomy to sit in on whatever session they were most interested in.


Today’s topics:

Mindfulness, Inclusivity for students with designations, and Who was your favourite teacher and why.


I chose the inclusivity group because I felt it was a topic that I wasn’t informed about and I wanted to hear the opinions of my peers on the topic. As a future educator, I will have students with designations in my classroom. Hearing about best practices and ways to incorporate an education assistant effectively gives me more confidence moving forward.

I enjoyed the EdCamp style and would be interested in joining an EdCamp Seminar in the future if hosted within the districts of Vancouver Island. For more information about EdCamp visit the link here