It has been very challenging this year to stay motivated and go to the gym to lift weights consistently. Lately, I have been using different measures to ensure that I am leading a healthy lifestyle. I have made it my new goal to get at least 8000 steps every day. This has been achievable through walking to and from school rather than taking the bus or getting a ride. Usually, in the evening times I go for a 20-30 minute walk and that will get me the remaining steps that are required to hit my daily goals.








Here are some picture from my phone that shows my weekly steps and my monthly step count from October to November.

This has been something that I can find success in completing and allows me to free my mind or multitask by listening to music, podcasts or secondary languages. My partner and I have been more regularly walking together and it is helpful for keeping consistent.

On Fridays, with three other friends, I have been swimming for 45 minutes at Mckinnon gym at UVic campus. This is actually considerably more tiring than I remember from my younger years of taking swimming lessons. Treading water, playing basketball in the deep and and swimming lengths create a full body workout that make me famished upon completion. Something that doesn’t happen after lifting weights and only occurs after a long run when glucose stores have been depleted. I have enjoyed changing up the routine and trying activities that I didn’t use to give priority.


Cover Photo by Goh Rhy Yan on Unsplash